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COVID-19 Studio Safety

Lotus Pilates is committed to providing a safe workout space for our instructors and clients. Our clients are the core of our business and we’re incredibly serious about protecting the health of each and every one of them. As our business re-opens to the public, we want to ensure not only the safety of our clients but the safety of the greater community. We want those to come back into the space who feel completely comfortable with the below measures and the Covid-19 Agreement. If you are not fully comfortable, we understand and are keeping the Lotus Pilates Online Zoom sessions available and frequent.

Our Studio Safety Protocol follows the CDC, state, and local health guidelines and HIPAA in relation to Covid-19. Below are some of the safety measures we are taking.

  • Modified Schedule/Soft Re-Opening: In the first stages of the studio re-opening we will only be allowing a maximum of 5 people in the space at a time. Private sessions will be prioritized. We also have small group classes with up to 4 clients and one teacher, but these will not occur simultaneously with private sessions. The modified schedule will allow for at least 30 minutes for change over of classes/privates.

  • Distancing Measures: Distancing measures will be implemented at all times by:

    1. Limiting the total number of people in the studio at one time to 5,

    2. Providing no less than 6 feet of space between clients, and

    3. Allowing for studio entry and exit that maximizes space as clients and teachers come and go. The studio is being reconfigured to allow for these measures.

  • Cleanliness:

    1. Studio - Ample time will be built into the schedule to allow for cleaning the machines, props, bathroom and floor between all privates and classes. Clients will be asked to participate in wipe downs of machines and mats used during their sessions. The studio will continue to undergo bi-weekly cleaning top to bottom. All cleaning products are CDC approved.

    2. Client - Hand sanitizer will be provided to clients upon entry. All clients must use hand sanitizer.

    3. Masks - Teachers will always wear a mask. ALL clients are required to wear a mask at all times while in the studio and during classes/sessions. 

    4. Temperature Check - Take your temperature at home 1 hour before class or use the contact-free thermometer at the studio upon arrival. Please call to cancel your session if you have an elevated temperature or if you are feeling any symptoms of illness.

    5. Water and Towels - We do have a water cooler at the studio, but will not provide any cups. Please bring your own water bottle. We have stainless steel water bottles available for sale. We encourage clients to purchase one of the micro-fiber towels for use on the equipment. This keeps our laundry to a minimum and allows you to retain your own towel for use each time. We also offer other small props and handles for sale if you prefer to have your own.

  • COVID-19 Agreement: Needs to be signed by clients who wish to work out in the studio to make sure we all on the same page on how best to keep our community as safe as possible during this time. Teachers and any employees of Lotus Pilates will also sign this agreement.

  • If you have recently flown (either within the US or Internationally), please observe a quarantine period of 14 days from the date you returned to Bloomington before you come back into the studio.

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